What are Silicone Wristbands?

Wristbands can be made from cloth, rubber, or silicone; but this time, the focus will be on those composed mainly of silicone. Silicone wristbands have already been available to the public way back in the early 2000s and became a popular type of bracelet ever since.

Most wristbands at that time are used for charitable and advertising reasons– either to demonstrate your sincere support for a certain awareness campaign or a charity organization, or to spread the news about the cause itself. Because of this, silicone wristbands are often called “awareness bracelets”. These are frequently used by organizations to raise funds for a respectable cause. Aside from awareness bracelets, they are also called gel bracelets, jelly bracelets, rubber bracelets and rubber wristbands.

When the year 2007 came, the popularity of silicone wristbands increased when it became part of merchandises sought at large concerts and major sports competitions.

Its practical function and design allowed passionate fans to purchase fan merchandise without dishing out too much money. It also allowed sport athletes to wear them during the games without falling off or being disruptive. In some music festivals and events, these are given to the attendees for access, which are then kept afterwards as souvenirs or proofs that they have seen the show.

Aside from promoting a cause, supporting a sports team or an artist, and attending a concert event, it can also be used for representing schools or business companies, remembering loved ones, and celebrating birthdays and anniversaries.

Because of its silicone material, this type of wristband is flexible, durable, and resistant to heat and water. It can also be customized according to the preferences of the customers. Because of this quality, many people use this type of wristband as a fashion statement too. The most common design in this type of wristband is the debussed type, in which the logo and the letters are pressed down the wristband during the careful melding process. On the contrary, there are also the embossed type of wristbands. The logo and letters on this type are raised instead, creating smooth embossed bumps and images that stand out.


More customizable designs for silicone wristbands are:

    Colorfilled wristbands
The debussed area, as well as the leftover areas, can be filled and painted with different colours that will not easily fade or wash out.

    Color coated wristbands
For this design, the color chosen by the customer will be coated on the outside of the wristband, before getting carved out. As a result, the wristband’s original color will show on the carved out logo.

    Segmented and swirled wristbands
Exhibiting two or more colours, these two types of wristband design is perfect for those who want to represent their favourite sports team, school, or country on their wrist.

    Wristbands of various sizes
Customers can choose whether they want their wristbands to be one inch, three-fourth inch, or half an inch depending on the size of their logo and text, as well as their practical preferences.

By the time of 2010, silicone wristbands can be customized with another unique and practical quality: it can change its own color when exposed to ultraviolet light. This opened the door for “ultraviolet wristbands”. This type of wristband, which are usually collared white, will change into blue, purple, or red. Since ultraviolet light is usually transmitted to our planet via the sun’s rays, ultraviolet wristbands are wearable reminders for the customers to apply sunscreen or shield themselves from the sun, especially during the hot summer. As soon as it detects ultraviolet light, it instantly changes color. Moreover, the longer it is exposed to sunlight, the darker and more noticeable its color becomes.

Recently, these wristbands have been evolving into other wearable forms. One of the newest creative innovations is the finger band. It is like the mini version of a wristband; it has a message or logo and is still made of silicone, but it is worn like a ring. There is also the key chain wristband, in which instead of wearing it on the wrist, the wristband itself will be attached on a key ring. This can be ideal for advertising car dealerships, vehicle companies, and real estate agencies.

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