Pros And Cons Of Buying A Movable Cubicle

Investing on movable cubicles is not a simple financial decision because you may be talking about two to four months’ worth of your salary. That is a huge amount of money, considering that this type of investment is neither necessary nor lucrative.Moveablecontainer is the best solution for our need.To help you decide whether to buy or not, here are some pros and cons to weigh your options better:

1. It is a long-term investment.

Unlike electronic gadgets and household equipment, the functional lifespan of movable cubicles can reach up to two decades with proper maintenance. You can use them many times until you are satisfied with the money you’ve spent.

2. It can save you thousands of dollars when used at the right time.

storage-containerThe immediate cost is really high, possibly amounting from $1,200 to $10,000. However, when bought at the right moment and used at the right time, it can actually save you a lot more money. How much would you spend if you move residence a lot or move overseas with many possessions in your load, or when you continuously have to rent storage facilities?

3. It can give you passive income.

By passive income, it means you can continue earning from it without really spending a single dime. By renting out, you earn your investment back but you’ll still be able to keep whatever movable cubicles you have. ROI (return on investment) is as fast as three years.

4. It can be “up-cycled” after serving its purpose.

“Up-cycled” means to make it more useful through recycling. Instead of just letting it rust after serving you as a storage facility, why not customize it into a makeshift gazebo, garage extension, garden, or store? Many movable cubicles take better forms after their shipping careers.

5. It gives extra space when needed the most.

How convenient it can get for you to have your own storage facility right next to your house? There is no need to call any agents or reserve a unit. Just unlock it, load your stuff, and lock it again.

1. It entails maintenance.

It may not have complicated electrical wiring or hard drives, but it does eat up a lot of time in the maintenance department. Regular maintenance requirements only include painting and abrasive blasting when corrosion and rusting already take place on some parts. Optional ones include insulation and maintenance for the lock or alarm system.

2. It eats up space.

It saves you space, but only if you already have available space to begin with. It will definitely be a big problem if you have no extra space in your lot or cannot find an area to lease.

3. It is possibly expensive.

“Possibly” is the keyword there. Secondhand movable cubicles that have seen the end of their shipping days are usually sold for no more than fifteen hundred dollars. However, brand-new ones that are packed with extra features will definitely make your wallet want to cry.

4. It devaluates over time.

Land price constantly gets higher value through the years. It is possibly the same with stocks and antiques. A movable cubicle is different though. Like a car, it devaluates over time because the material and built also get weaker. It is bound to devaluate even with regular maintenance. You have to totally “up-cycle” it to increase its price, but that can be more expensive than the cubicle itself.

5. It might accrue overhead cost.

You have to spend on maintenance for as long as you use it (doing it annually or every two years is more than enough though). But what if you lease the lot where it stands?