The Challenge Coin Tradition

Custom challenge coins are everywhere. You may have encountered, seen or touched a custom challenge coin but you may not be aware of what they look like or what they are. One of your family members or one of your friends may be a member of the military and has been keeping a challenge coin with him or her for a very long time. These challenge coins are very important for all the coin bearers because it signifies a very important memory for all of them.

Almost all military personnel have these custom challenge coins. These coins signify that the coin bearer is a member of the military and is considered as an integral part of his unit.

Challenge CoinCustom challenge coins are known under different names. They are also known as unit’s coins, military coins, commander’s coins, and squadron’s coins. These challenge coins also show the military unit where the coin bearer comes from.

Challenge coins are collected and traded by a lot of people in the military. There are also a lot of collectors who are not members of the military, who are collecting and trading these coins. A lot of hobbyists and collectors are taking much effort, time, and money to look for and collect these coins. Most challenge coins in the market have a very high price value both when traded and when sold.

Origin Of the Challenge Coins

There are different stories surrounding the history and the origin of challenge coins. However, there are still no proofs to prove where exactly these challenge coins came from. One of the most popular and the most documented stories about these challenge coins is about an American pilot who fought during World War I. This American pilot fought against the Germans. However, his plane got shot down and he was forced to land in German territory. He was captured by German soldiers and was held in a secret prison. However, the British forces bombarded the secret prison where the American pilot was held captive. Because of this, he was given enough time to escape.

After escaping from the Germans, he was found by some French soldiers. The French soldiers thought that he was an enemy due to the fact that the American pilot did not seem to have anything to prove his identity. He was later sentenced to death by the French forces. Before the French carried out the sentence, the American pilot pleaded to one of the officers. The officer, upon seeing the American pilot’s medallion bearing his unit’s insignia, ordered the execution to be postponed. After investigating the American pilot’s identity, the French forces later found out that the American pilot was indeed fighting on their side. Instead of being executed, the American Pilot was given a bottle of wine as a token of friendship. The coin bearing his unit’s insignia, which later on was called a challenge coin, essentially saved his life.

Custom challenge coins are collected and traded by a lot of people throughout the world, even by those who have never served with the armed forces. Retirees and employees coming from different government entities are actively trading and collecting these coins.

The Rarest And Most Highly Anticipated Coin

The rarest and considered as the most highly anticipated custom challenge coins in the whole world are the Presidential Coins. In order for you to have a Presidential Coin, you would need to get a chance to meet and to shake the hand of the President of the United States. All foreign visitors of the White House who were personally invited by the President are also gifted with this highly coveted challenge coin.

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