Important Tips When Using Iron On Patches

Whether you want to add something new to your clothing or you want to repair worn out parts of your favorite pants, using iron on patches is the easiest and fastest solution available. Just apply heat over each patch and you are ready to go. However, if you are one of those who are not completely aware on how to use these patches properly, here are some tips that you can use to avoid problems :

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Follow Instructions Properly

Iron on patches usually come with easy-to-follow instructions. However, not all kinds of patches have the same instructions since some have special instructions due to certain materials that have been used. Make sure to follow the given instructions to avoid ruining your design.

Choosing the Right Fabric

Iron on patches are not suitable to be used on all types of fabrics. Since putting this kind of patch requires the use of heat to activate the adhesive on its back, you must avoid fabrics made from plastics or those elastic fabrics with materials like nylon. Again, follow the instructions on how long you should apply heat on every patch.

Using It for Covering or Fixing Holes

If you are planning to use it for fixing or disguising holes or worn out parts, you must sew the hole or patch it with another cloth first before fixing the patch over it. Also, you can use wax paper on the other side of the hole just to prevent it from sticking to the other side of the garment.

Keep the Entire Area Clean

Before you proceed fixing the patch on a hole for designing any clothes, make sure that the entire surface is clean. The adhesives will stick on a clean surface easily and will keep the patch securely attached on the area even with regular washing.

Protect the Patch from Being Ruined when Applying Heat

To protect the patch, you can use wax paper over the design before applying heat. Iron the patch with steady and strong pressure as you move the iron across the entire design while making sure that heat is applied on all areas of the patch.

Sew the Patches after Ironing

Though iron on patches only require heat to stick on a fabric, sewing the patch will make it more secure. This is highly recommended for clothes that will be used and washed regularly. It is best that you iron the patch first prior to sewing the edges. Use a colored thread matching the design of the patch to avoid ruining the design and keep the thread concealed.

These tips will help you in properly fixing the patch on your clothes and in customizing it according to the theme you want.

Choosing the Designs for Iron on Patches

If you are trying to get various choices of patches, you can always go online and check out all available designs suitable for the theme you have in mind. Some patches feature the unique logos of popular brands. If you are a big fan of any sports team, there are designs with logos of popular teams that you can put on your favorite shirts or on your favorite caps. There are also other designs like zodiac signs, hearts, or even the initials of your name.

Some avail of design customization, especially when trying to promote a business or a cause. Most of these patches are offered at affordable prices with minimal shipping fees. Keep in mind that you can choose to purchase several designs to make the most out of the shipping fee and have more designs you can use for other purposes.