What are Silicone Wristbands?

Wristbands can be made from cloth, rubber, or silicone; but this time, the focus will be on those composed mainly of silicone. Silicone wristbands have already been available to the public way back in the early 2000s and became a popular type of bracelet ever since.

Most wristbands at that time are used for charitable and advertising reasons– either to demonstrate your sincere support for a certain awareness campaign or a charity organization, or to spread the news about the cause itself. Because of this, silicone wristbands are often called “awareness bracelets”. These are frequently used by organizations to raise funds for a respectable cause. Aside from awareness bracelets, they are also called gel bracelets, jelly bracelets, rubber bracelets and rubber wristbands.

When the year 2007 came, the popularity of silicone wristbands increased when it became part of merchandises sought at large concerts and major sports competitions.

Its practical function and design allowed passionate fans to purchase fan merchandise without dishing out too much money. It also allowed sport athletes to wear them during the games without falling off or being disruptive. In some music festivals and events, these are given to the attendees for access, which are then kept afterwards as souvenirs or proofs that they have seen the show.

Aside from promoting a cause, supporting a sports team or an artist, and attending a concert event, it can also be used for representing schools or business companies, remembering loved ones, and celebrating birthdays and anniversaries.

Because of its silicone material, this type of wristband is flexible, durable, and resistant to heat and water. It can also be customized according to the preferences of the customers. Because of this quality, many people use this type of wristband as a fashion statement too. The most common design in this type of wristband is the debussed type, in which the logo and the letters are pressed down the wristband during the careful melding process. On the contrary, there are also the embossed type of wristbands. The logo and letters on this type are raised instead, creating smooth embossed bumps and images that stand out.


More customizable designs for silicone wristbands are:

    Colorfilled wristbands
The debussed area, as well as the leftover areas, can be filled and painted with different colours that will not easily fade or wash out.

    Color coated wristbands
For this design, the color chosen by the customer will be coated on the outside of the wristband, before getting carved out. As a result, the wristband’s original color will show on the carved out logo.

    Segmented and swirled wristbands
Exhibiting two or more colours, these two types of wristband design is perfect for those who want to represent their favourite sports team, school, or country on their wrist.

    Wristbands of various sizes
Customers can choose whether they want their wristbands to be one inch, three-fourth inch, or half an inch depending on the size of their logo and text, as well as their practical preferences.

By the time of 2010, silicone wristbands can be customized with another unique and practical quality: it can change its own color when exposed to ultraviolet light. This opened the door for “ultraviolet wristbands”. This type of wristband, which are usually collared white, will change into blue, purple, or red. Since ultraviolet light is usually transmitted to our planet via the sun’s rays, ultraviolet wristbands are wearable reminders for the customers to apply sunscreen or shield themselves from the sun, especially during the hot summer. As soon as it detects ultraviolet light, it instantly changes color. Moreover, the longer it is exposed to sunlight, the darker and more noticeable its color becomes.

Recently, these wristbands have been evolving into other wearable forms. One of the newest creative innovations is the finger band. It is like the mini version of a wristband; it has a message or logo and is still made of silicone, but it is worn like a ring. There is also the key chain wristband, in which instead of wearing it on the wrist, the wristband itself will be attached on a key ring. This can be ideal for advertising car dealerships, vehicle companies, and real estate agencies.

Where to find golf iron sets

Golf has definitely become more popular throughout the years. There are new players that are springing up almost everywhere around the world as more people hear about it. Because of the increase of players, there has also been a steady increase in demand for reliable and high quality golf equipment. Golf iron sets are one of this equipment. They are absolutely crucial in the sport of golf. Manufacturers of clubs recognized the drastic increase of players in just a matter of a few years. Because of the sudden rise of the popularity of golf, there are now numerous companies that offer different sets for players to choose from.

Of course, there are several benefits to being able to choose from a wide range of golf clubs; however, it makes the act of choosing the right one so much more difficult. This can be a daunting task for any individual, especially for those who are just starting out in the sport. There are also different manufacturers to choose from. It would be unfortunately for a person to hate the sport just because he had a bad experience with faulty equipment. This is why the first thing that any person should do when buying golf iron sets is to figure out where they should buy their equipment from.

golf iron sets

Different sport centers offer a variety of golf equipment. As convenient and affordable these sets may be, one must never rush into buying it. There are certain steps that one has to take to ensure the quality of the equipment. It may sound like a hassle, but it will all be worth it in the end. One must always remember that a player is just as good as the equipment that he has.

One of the first things that anyone should do is to find a shop that has a reputation for selling high-quality products at an affordable price. It will also be a good idea for a person to familiarize himself with the different brands of golf equipment. This will help ensure that he buys that right one for his particular skill level.

The best way to figure out whether a certain set is good or not is to go online and check. Rockbottomgolf provides good and best set of golf iron. They usually have websites that will give a buyer a general overview of what they offer. They also usually have catalogs that provide a detailed list and description of everything that they have in stock. This will give a good idea of what each company is all about.

However, there are people who still want more information to ease their minds. They realize that golf equipment can be quite pricey, and they want to make sure that they get their money’s worth. Although helpful, these company websites tend to be a bit biased when it comes to describing and reviewing their products. Some of these descriptions can mislead a buyer, and it can cost them a lot of money.

golfThe best way to get an objective review of golf iron sets is to listen to what other people have to say. Nothing can ever be as influential as word of mouth. There are numerous reviews online that people can read. Reading a lot of these reviews will give a person a clearer picture of what a certain brand offers.

Once they have figured out what brand of golf iron sets they want. All they have to do is to find the official store of that company or even just find an official retailer of the brand. There are a numerous shops that will probably offer the kind of set that an individual is looking for.

This may seem like a long process; however, it is all worth it. One will not regret all the hard work that he did once he uses the product that he bought. This is a sure fire way to not get disappointed and ripped off.

A General Overview On PCB Assembly Technologies

PCB (printed circuit board) serves as the central processing unit of electrical currents in an electronic device. Any device that runs on electricity has it. It is either one-layered or multiple layered. It is either single-sided or double-sided, depending on the function and the PCB assembly (PCBA) method used.

PCB is useless without electronic components attached to it. Before it reaches the final stage, which is the assembly stage, it undergoes designing process and fabrication. In this article, you’ll learn how the assembly process is done.

The assembly process has two subdivisions, the mounting of the components and the “finishing touches”. The mounting of the components is what PCB manufacturers refer to as PCB assembly. On the other hand, the “finishing touches” refer to the attachment of outer packaging to complete the electronic device. Examples of outer packaging are the attachment of screen for smartphones, wirings for televisions and among others.

Two assembly companies may do the subdivisions of the assembly process, separately. Alternatively, one company may perform these two assembly processes, simultaneously.

PCBA Technologies

Two popular assembly technologies are in use today. These are through hole (TMT) and the surface mount technology (SMT). Despite rumors that TMT is getting obsolete, both are still in use by many assembly companies. These two assembly technologies have their uses. One technology may not be applicable on producing certain electronic products while the other is more suitable.

Surface-Mount Technology (SMT)

An SMT process is the mounting of electronic components on the surface of a printed circuit board with the use of solder pads instead of drilling holes. Though the drilling of holes is not eliminated in an SMT process, there is a significant decrease of holes used.

Printed circuit board

Majority of PCB assemblers use this technology, especially in the telecommunications industry and other electronic industry that requires sophisticated PCB assembly. Because of surface mounting, double-sided PCB became a possibility.

Aside from this advantage, SMT is cost efficient in terms of mass production. The machines in an SMMT process are fast and can mount electronic components into hundreds of PCBs in a matter of minutes. This technology has also contributed to the low cost, entry level electronic devices in the market because more and more manufacturers adopt such technology in their assembly houses.

However, one major disadvantage of SMT procedure is its unreliability of the mounted electronic components. Manufacturers that produce heavy duty appliances and electrical devices do not use this technology because of this drawback. That is where the through-hole technology comes in.

Through-Hole Technology (TMT)

The through-hole mounting technology (TMT) is the process of drilling the PCB with holes and mounting the electronic components through the holes. The pins of the components are soldered and cut accordingly.

The bond is stronger compared to an SMT procedure. This advantage makes the TMT a preferred technology when it comes to the production of heavy-duty electronic equipment. Examples of these are equipment used in the construction industry, military and aerospace and other machines that are exposed to a constant wear and tear.

Another advantage of TMT is its usage in prototyping. TMT mounting machines are easier to change its set up and correct the errors after checking the PCB for any defect. The major disadvantage of TMT is that manufacturers are limited to the one side of the board.

When it comes to mass production, PCB assembly houses prefer surface mount technology. On the other hand, through-hole mounting technology is best for prototypes and heavy-duty equipment. These technologies use electro-mechanical method and manual assembly along the process. Despite the sophisticated machines used in an SMT assembly, manufacturers still have to adopt quality controls on the PCBs before shipping them to the clients.

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