Mythic Beastlord Darmac

by *Lai*, 13 days ago

For our foray into Mythic Blackrock Foundry we took on Beastlord Darmac. I wouldn't call our kill "perfect," but it certainly was epic, and had the majority of us on the edge of our seats. Here's hoping we have a few less of those "nail-biters" as we progress further in. I don't think my heart can handle it!

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Heroic Blackhand

by *Lai*, 21 days ago

This was a great week for Reign in Power. In just one raid night, we had 7/10 heroic bosses down in the newly released Blackrock Foundry. The second raid night we tackled the longer, more intense encounters of Blast Furnace, and Iron Maidens, and ended the night successful yet again. Yesterday, we had our third and final raid night for Blackrock Foundry to take on the end boss, Blackhand. This is a high movement, mechanic driven encounter, where a few missteps can quickly lead to a wipe, but we pulled together as a team, "focused up" (as Shad would say) and were victorious. We got the realm first kill, and a top 10 kill for US 3 nights a week guilds. There is sure to be fun times ahead pushing Mythic Blackrock Foundry content with this positive and skilled group of raiders.

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Mythic Imperator

by *Lai*, 23 days ago

After several grueling weeks and close attempts, personal schedule conflicts, and even power outages, we can finally claim this kill for ourselves. Everyone who participated in learning this encounter should feel excited for this kill. With this in our rear-view mirrors, we now have our sights set on Mythic Blackrock Foundry progression!

Mythic Imperator Dead


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Mythic Ko'ragh

by Shadaka, 34 days ago

So we killed this about 15 days ago will have to find a screenshot we have one around here somewhere. Anyways we are working on Mythic Imperator and started working on Cho'gall part of fight Sunday.

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Tectus and Butcher

by Shadaka, 53 days ago

Awesome work guys! We got a top 100 Mythic Butcher kill. Reign in Power has come a long way from being a top 10 man guild, to competing with the old 25 man guilds. We have a great bunch of people in this amazing guild.

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Mythic Brakenspore

by Shadaka, 65 days ago

Due to the holidays we were slow to update, but we now have 3 Mythic bosses down! Also, to follow suit with our 20 man progression kills, we were so excited to work on another boss we forgot to take a screenshot of our Twin Ogron kill.

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Mythic Kargath Bladefist

by Shadaka, 81 days ago

Our first Mythic kill was very fun. Building this guild from 10-man to 20 man raiding has been the most fun I have had since NAXX-40 man. I look forward to the upcoming boss fights and lets keep going.

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25 Heroic Garrosh down. Now preparing for WoD.

by Shadaka, 283 days ago

Awesome job to everyone in the guild! After our (US) 46th ranked 10 man kill we decided to start work on getting ready for WoD. So, what better way than to revert to 25 man. It was a hard road to recruit people capable of end game content, but we did it and it has been an amazing ride! To all of our members that are still with us from our 10 man, and to the new members we have recruited since changing to 25, man you guys and girls are amazing.



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Progress on our shift to 25 man

by Shadaka, 346 days ago

Reign in Power is fully committed to raiding as a 20-man guild in WoD. Historically, we have been very successful with retaining members in the guild with very little turn over. Which is why we have been very selective in the people we allow into the guild. We are looking for like-minded individuals that want to raid and enjoy playing with friends.

Currently, we are recruiting people on a slow and steady basis, mainly looking for classes listed as "high" in the column to your left. We have started doing 25H and have had tremendous success with an undermanned roster. However, we are not going to over recruit. Our goal is to keep our roster around 25 to 28 raiders, along with some people that are just helping this tier and will be more social during WoD.

Right now we are in need of more DPS. Contact an officer or myself with our information below, and lets talk about your future with Reign in Power. 


Real ID: Shadak#1881
Steam: Shadak


Real ID: Skurkitty#1410
Steam: Skurkitty


Battletag: Wreck#1461
Steam: Krasas 


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Heroic Garrosh Hellscream DEAD

by Shadaka, 379 days ago

Heroic Garrosh is now DEAD! Awesome job to everyone in Reign in Power. We are also now openly recruiting exceptional players that want to push 25 man content in preparation for upcoming WoD.

Few stats from this tier

3 night a week US 10: 8th

Overall US 10: 46th



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