Amazing Run

by Shadaka, 33 days ago

Reign in Power is Closed. Was a Great run from ICC till HoF. Many changes over the years but the guild got better with every tier. Was an amazing time in Reign in Power.


Raiding Achievements

  • Tier 17: US 95
  • Tier 17: US 99

    <10 Man before Mythic 20 Man>

  • Tier 16: US 46 (8th for 3 nights per week)
  • Tier 15: US 55
  • Tier 14: US 155
  • Tier 13: US 227
  • Tier 12: Still building getting stronger
  • Tier 11: First true tier for this guild


Shad out......

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Mythic Gorefiend

by *Lai*, 58 days ago

After countless wipes, and discussions on ring usage (thanks Blizzard) we got our mythic kill on this fatty in a decently clean attempt! Hopefully we'll power through the next few boss kills until we hit our next wall on Xhul and Tyrant.

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Mythic Kilrogg Deadeye

by *Lai*, 78 days ago

There may have been missed interrupts. There may have been missed oozes. But nothing is better than an overcompensated 4th Vision of Death on our kill attempt. I like to look at it as an explosion of victory, since we killed the boss seconds later. Gorefiend, get your belly ready. We're coming.

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Mythic Hellfire High Council

by *Lai*, 78 days ago

We are happy to end this week with two more Mythic HFC boss kills. The first being High Council where we REAPED the rewards (>.>) and quickly moved onto the next boss.

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Mythic Kormrok

by *Lai*, 86 days ago

Runes, and hands, and waves, oh my! No but really,  Mythic Kormrok is a fairly short fight, however, it keeps you on your toes. Despite some tank roster switcheroos we were able to get him down this week. Plus, we were finally able to put some attempts in on Heroic Archimonde and kill that big guy as well. Hellfire council we're coming for you next!

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Mythic Iron Reaver

by *Lai*, 96 days ago

Deaths to Barrage were definitely a thing, as we progressed on this boss. But we got the kill in one of our CLEANEST attempts...that is, until a tank died. Even with only one tank, we manage to hold out just long enough, "pounding" (cwutididthur) our way to victory.

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Mythic Hellfire Assault

by *Lai*, 100 days ago

This boss, despite how it looks, is all about focused dps and add management. Once we had our target priorities sorted out, we were able to get this kill fairly quickly. We're happy to have this down, and excited to see more of what the Mythic bosses this tier have to offer.

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Hellfire Citadel Progression Begins!

by *Lai*, 106 days ago

There was a lot of excitement with the release of 6.2 this week and the new raid instance Hellfire Citadel (less excitement about dailies, rep grinds, and shipyards). We started off our week clearing normal, to familiarize ourselves with the mechanics for each fight. We then ended the week strong going 12/13 heroic and getting a 95% execution ranking on Heroic Mannoroth! We enter mythic progression this week with main swaps, new members, and having lost some members as they focus on stuff IRL, but our team feels stronger than ever. Let's make this week a good one.



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Mythic Blackhand

by *Lai*, 154 days ago

He's finally dead! This probably has to be one of the most nail biting endings we've had to a boss, and Multi echoed the sentiments of many when he said, upon looking at Blackhand dead on the ground, "I'm shaking". The obvious MVP here is Kink, because...rogues too strong. An epic kill to end our raid progression through Blackrock Foundry, finishing in the top 100. Stay focused team, because Hellfire Citadel awaits!


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Mythic Blast Furnace

by *Lai*, 175 days ago

Last Sunday we were able to kill this dude in about an hour of attempts and after reaching Phase 3 just a couple of times. Yesterday we came in for our farm night, and farm we did! Killing all 9/10 of our farm bosses (including the newly downed Blast Furnace), with time to spare. The rest of our raid week can now be spent pushing Mythic Blackhand. We're almost there team!



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